SAWCE is a New Jersey math/alternative/prog rock mostly instrumental band formed after attending The College of New Jersey together. Their sound is influenced by many artists such as CHON, Polyphia, Vasudeva, Washed Out, The Fall of Troy, and countless others. Besides making okay music, they don't take themselves too seriously and meme harder than any other band on the planet. They're known for their loose and energetic performance style during shows.

Since releasing their debut EP in December 2017, they have achieved over 500 downloads on Bandcamp and have quickly gained a strong and highly engaged following in a matter of months. In April 2018, they went on a successful Northeast US tour with Boston prog metal band Aviations. They have played with amazing bands such as Strawberry Girls, Invalids, Night Verses and Delta Sleep.

In June, they released a music video for their most popular song, "School", which has achieved critical acclaim and over 1.3K likes on Facebook.

Recently, an Indiegogo campaign was created to fund their recording costs for a new EP and they reached their goal. Recording for the new EP begins in September.


"SAWCE! That band rules." - Anthony Green (Circa Survive, Saosin)

"Aptly named, these dudes got the sauce." - ItDjents

"They know what they are doing and sound good at it." - New Jersey Stage


Guitar: Adam D.
Bass: Dom P.
Drums: Nate G.

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